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Zachary Design was set up in 1992 primarily for commercial design projects. As time passed we became involved in domestic / residential projects for many clients locally around the home counties. As our name was passed from client to client our sites extended as far south as Bognor Regis and as far north as Huddersfield. This part of our work has blossomed and we typically run around 20-30 projects at any one time.

Our local services are designed to take our clients through two prime stages of work which most require as they are essential to achieving statutory compliance under Stage 1. Planning and Stage 2. Building Regulations. We work quickly and efficiently. We also offer optional further stages of work - such as project management, interior design and CDM Regs.

Typical projects include full site surveys, accurate scale plans and elevations, obtaining OS 1:1250 scale site location plans, to cover simple extensions or in some cases complete replacement or new buildings. During Stage 2 we create scale construction details and written specifications covering all the Approved Documents of the Building Regulations. Of course, we also obtain engineer's calculations and the required statutory determinations. One of the most successful types of project is the conversion of lofts and roofs, often changing bungalows into fully fledged 2-storey houses.

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Zachary Design is partnered to Wycombe District Council under the Local Authority Partnership Scheme so that we have our own Inspector to deal with all our Building Regulations applications, wherever in the UK the sites are located.

For more information and a guide to typical charges ask for our leaflet, Design Services.

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