Master Planning

Master Planning is about developing potential in land, whether the site is a few or several thousand acres in size. We have over 25 years experience of such projects, ranging from the creation of new regional commercial centres in the UK, Europe and Asia to entire townships and urban town centres.

Zachary Design applies sound commercial principles to the process to ensure that all schemes achieve their full marketing potential. We can also draw on a wealth of experience from qualified town planners among our contract consultants.


Zachary Design's master planners specialise in creating truly effective commercial master plans to maximize both rental income and retail spending.

The master planning phase is usually followed by our schematic and detailed design stages where excitement and unique experiences are created

Master planning
Master planning


Kilpatrick Hills, Scotland
Leith Docklands, Edinburgh
Merry Hill Centre, West Midlands
Blanchardstown, Ireland
Tottenham Hale, London
Leicester Town Centre, UK
Grangemouth Town Centre, Scotland
Heerlen Town Centre, Netherlands
Manchester Town Centre, UK

Recent Projects

Amersham, UK, Residential Estate
Amritsar, India, 57 acre township
Chandigarh, India, 1.6m sq ft commercial
Lavasa, India, 16 acre town centre
Lavasa, India, 8 acre educational campus
Lucknow. India, 11 acre mixed use
Nagpur, India, hotel site
Burnham, UK, 3+ acre residential

Master planning